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Harnies Beauty Collagen is a drink designed to maximally support the appearance, musculoskeletal system and overall beauty.


The basis of the composition consists of collagen peptides supplemented with a combination of hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract as well as selected vitamins and minerals.

Awaken your beauty and confidence with this delicious drink!

Harnies Beauty Collagen

240 Grams
  • Peptan® B/ Peptan® F - 6300mg

    Hyaluronic Acid - 40mg

    Grape seed - 400mg

    Selenium - 89μg

    Vitamin A - 1mg

    Vitamin C - 500mg

    Vitamin B2 - 2.8mg

    Vitamin B3 - 3.2mg

    Vitamin B7 - 50μg

    Zinc - 10mg

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